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Plenary Speakers

Name Affiliation
Anja Boeckmann Institute of Biology and Chemistry of Proteins, France
Dmitri Budker University of California Berkeley, U.S.A.
Isabella Felli University of Florence, Italy
Daniella Goldfarb Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Stephen Hill NHMFL/Florida State University, U.S.A.
Charalampos Kalodimos Rutgers University, U.S.A.
Arno Kentgens Randboud University, The Netherlands
Dominique Massiot CEMHTI-CNRS, France
Alex Pines University of California Berkeley, U.S.A.
Graham Smith University of St Andrews, United Kingdom
Yi-Qiao Song Schlumberger-Doll Research, U.S.A
Shimon Vega Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Daniel B. Vigneron MRI Technology Resource Center, U.S.A.
Peter van Zijl Kennedy Krieger Institute, U.S.A.

Invited Speakers

Name Affiliation
Jerome L. Ackerman Harvard Medical School, U.S.A.
Mikael Akke Lund University, Sweden
David Awschalom University of California Santa Barbara, U.S.A.
Marc Baldus Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research, The Netherlands
Lucia Banci CERM-University of Florence, Italy
Aharon Blank Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Bela Bode University of St Andrews, United Kingdom
Alexandre Bonvin Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Donatella Capitani CNR Rome, Italy
John Christodoulou University College London, United Kingdom
Hadassa Degani Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Volker Dötsch University of Frankfurt, Germany
Matvey Fedin International Tomography Center, Russia
Lynn Gladden University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Angela M. Gronenborn Institute for Advanced Studies Berlin, Germany
Christian Hilty Texas A&M University, U.S.A.
Sami Jannin Laboratory of Biomolecular Magnetic Resonance (LRMB), Switzerland
Marc-Henri Julien Grenoble High Magnetic Field Laboratory, France
Hae Jin Kim Korea Basic Science Institute, Korea
Martin Klanjšek Jo┼żef Stefan Institute, Slovenia
Igor Koptyug International Tomography Center, Russia
Cynthia K. Larive University of California - Riverside, U.S.A.
Mathilde Lerche Albeda Research Aps, Denmark
Perunthiruthy Madhu Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India
Ann McDermott Columbia University, U.S.A.
Eva Meirovitch Bar-Ilan University, Israel
John Morton London Centre for Nanotechnology, United Kingdom
Frank Neese Max-Planck Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany
Vasilis Petrouleas NCSR Demokritos, Greece
Tatyana Polenova University of Delaware, U.S.A.
James Prestegard University of Georgia, U.S.A.
Bernd Reif Helmholtz Center München, Germany
Jeffrey Reimer University of California Berkeley, U.S.A.
Dimitrios Sakellariou CEA in Saclay, France
Ago Samoson University of Warwick, United Kingdom
Rob Schurko University of Windsor, Canada
Vladimir Sklenar Masaryk University, Czech Republic
Leo Spyracopoulos University of Alberta, Canada
Janez Stepisnik University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Kiyonori Takegoshi Kyoto University, Japan
Alexander Tartakovskii University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
Nico Tjandra NHLBI, U.S.A.
Daniel Topgaard Lund University, Sweden
Joris Van Slageren University of Stuttgart, Germany
Gianluigi Veglia University of Minnesota, U.S.A.
Nicolas Wolff Institut Pasteur, France
Xianyu Xue Okayama University, Japan
Sergei Zvyagin Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Germany

Tutorial Speakers

Name Affilliation
Geoffrey Bodenhausen ENS, France
Gunnar Jeschke ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Beat Meier ETH Zurich, Switzerland